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Although my education and experience is rooted in traditional print design, I’ve evolved into a multi-discipline designer fully capable of providing a wide range of applications for print, web and multimedia. Whether it’s a new logo, corporate brochure, website, multimedia presentation or all of the above, I can craft a creative, consistent and comprehensive visual identity that accurately reflects your company’s brand across all necessary media.


If your brand is what people think and feel about you, then your logo is how they recognize you because it represents everything you are and stand for. Therefore, it’s critical that it leaves the right impression. Before I start designing your logo, I get to know everything about you by asking questions about your values, goals and market. I take that information and combine the appropriate usage of illustration, typography and colour to create a simple, distinct and iconic logo that accurately captures the essence of your brand. It will be sure to leave a mark. Read more or view my branding portfolio.


Print materials are essential for building your brand and visual identity. It’s the skin of your business that people can see, touch and feel. I can create a compelling and consistent look and feel across a wide range of print applications. Whether it’s an extension of your brand with textured office stationery, a sleek corporate brochure profiling your company, or a catchy poster for your next event, I’ll have it leave a lasting impression. Read more or view my print portfolio.


The web is a powerful and efficient communication tool for reaching your target market because it provides an immediate and intimate experience with users. Your website is your shop window to the world that’s always open.I design and develop beautiful, functional and accessible websites that adhere to web standards and adds value to your business. Whether its an interactive website that engages your users, social media that creates a buzz or flashy web ads that boost traffic, I can build a strong online presence that clicks. Read more or view my web portfolio.


Multimedia makes your message come alive by adding any combination of text, images, animation, audio and video to communicate it. I offer integrated multimedia services to help communicate your ideas in an exciting, innovative and captivating way that takes your message to the next level. If you want something that moves your audience, such as a multimedia CD about your company, a slideshow to accompany a presentation or a television ad promoting your new product, then I can set it in motion. Read more or view my multimedia portfolio.

You can see samples of all of these applications and more in my portfolio. I can also provide basic photography if needed. If you have any questions or would like more information about my services, please contact me. If you’re ready to get started, start project now.